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Cast and Crew

John Talbot actor in 49 Bankside

John Talbot - narrator and lead, is a noted performer in Treasure Island as Dame, A Christmas Carol as Scrooge at the Lantern Theatre Company,  feature films include Swords and Sceptres, voice over for animation recorded in LA, USA  Fable Journey and Basil the Great Mouse Detective with Disney. John is the Yorkshire voice for the

Great British Bake Off. If you miss John after seeing our short, you can hear him on most London Underground line platforms saying  "Mind the Gap".






Suzann Wade (PhD Toxicology) has worked in the Entertainment industry in scripted and non-scripted content for over 20 years, most recently, producer, director and writer of Queen of Parks and co-producer of Musketeer with lead 

Kevin McNally, colourist Max Horton and DoP Santonio Terzio, winning several awards including best cinematography at LACA, NYCA and European Cinematography, official selection at LA Shorts,

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival and best actor at Marbella International Film Festival.

Suzann cast Christopher Cazeanove, Laurentiu Possa and Melanie Gutteridge in Bloodline, and Max Irons in Unrequited Love, other films with Video Engineering Training at Hoxton Square London, include

the documentaries Portrait of a Butcher at Islington Meat Market and Essence of Mohamed in Juan-les-Pins.

Suzann started in the arts as a runner and continuity for Channel 7 Home & Away, writer and researcher in BBC Specialist and Factual, and for medical/science communications through mentor Peter Pockley, Nature Magazine. In 2020

The Show Must Go On: A COVID-19 Survival Guide for Performing Artists was published and the founder of

Suzann Wade MGMT. Suzann's focus is on Factual Entertainment (current projects) as a producer and director.

Michael Bundred, DoP and Producer of Queen of Parks - is an accomplished actor, currently shooting in Rome 

Those About to Die as well as director and cinematographer on several notable films including Back to Work, Sarah's Bedroom and Proposal.


Colourist Azem Kola, Music Jim Barne and Production Assistant Liam Jenson.

Special Thanks to Adam Bakker and the Royal Shakespeare Company for their support on this film.

Suzann Wade Mgmt Producer Director
Michael Bundred actor
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